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Monday, October 23, 2006

My First Time

Okay, like the legendary Salt-N-Pepa said, "Get your dirty mind out the gutter!" No, this is not about my first time doing the do, although it was pretty nice. This is my first blog. Outside of Myspace, that is. It's about time, I know, but better late than never. Finally I took the time out to register, adding to the super-long list of usernames and passwords that I can never seem to remember. Maybe, I should write them down, yes?

Anyway, I'm twenty-something, a woman and Black. Imagine what I could get myself into. I'm living and working in Memphis 10, home of Elvis the Pelvis and Oscar-winning Three Six Mafia (who woulda thought?). Please, don't hold either against me, I didn't choose Memphis, it chose me.

This blog will hopefully rekindle my love for writing and how do you say, FORCE me to write on a more consistent basis. I have spiral notebooks and journals full of thoughts and randomness (it wasn't a word, but now it is!) about happenings and not-so-happening happenings in my life since age 13. Thanks to my 7th grade teacher for assigning us that project!

Come along with me and see how exciting, boring, random, surprising and crazy my life can be. I would say that I'm an ordinary chick, but that depends on what you call ordinary, I guess. I'm a fun girl, a happy medium. Put it like this, you can catch me at a hot party, but not on Flavor of Love. I'm not THAT sensational. Anywhoo, it should be a ride....we may run out of gas though....



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