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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't Call It a Date

A friend and I were talking about dating, men, the lack thereof of both and other girly things yesterday. I was going out to eat with a male friend when my girlfriend says, "Okay, have fun on your date."

Okay, what exactly is a date? I was meeting this particular person at a restaurant, so I considered it an "outing." Even though he would be paying (and yes he did pay), does that qualify as a date? Does the guy need to pick the woman up for it to be a certified date? This was all too confusing, especially considering that I'd been out on several dates in my lifetime. I should know the difference by now. I decided to look to the trusty Webster-Merriam Dictionary. Here goes:

Date (n.): an appointment to meet at a specified time; especially : a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character

Aha! So this definition solidifies nothing of the matter of picking up the person or the check. So my next question is, when we women are defining what's a date and what's not, are the logistics of the date the issue or the person we are with? If it's a hot guy that we're out with, it's a date. If it's a friend or someone who's just "aight," it's not a date. Don't deny it ladies, we all do it!

We are something else, aren't we? Anyway, stay tuned for confusing-ass questions about this dating thing. By the way, the date, uh, outing was pretty nice!



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