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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some People Are Just Aggravating as Hell!

Here's the scenario, I'm working on a group project (not work-related) and this chick totally oversteps her boundaries with me. You'll see throughout this blog that I have the chronic case of the "nice-ies," meaning I'm too damn nice. Not the run-me-over nice, but I always look for the good in people. There was always that guy or girl who everyone loved to hate, I would always say, "Well, he/she was always sweet to me." My friends hate it!

I say all of this to say that it takes a lot to rub my wrong way, however this chick (see first paragraph) is way too much! I only have one thing to say to her: "Sit Yo Ass Down (S.Y.A.D.)!"

This is for people who are (a) always in the way (my way, to be exact), (b) over the top, (c) constantly giving their opinions when not asked and (d) just getting on my damn nerves!

You know somebody like that, right? That one who's always DOING TOO MUCH (DTM). (This acronym will also be referred to as Daytime Minutes later.) Anyway, there's always this one person who feels like who he/she knows, hangs out with or what he/she has really matters. Like, seriously though, who the hell cares, but you???

I have short patience for foolishness and what came to be yesterday was exactly that. But of course, I never change, so in a "nice" way, I gotta tell this chica, "Sit you ass down!"

Think I can do it?



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