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Monday, October 30, 2006

Random Thoughts from Last Week

It's been a long time...Damn, didn't I just start this blog like last week? So I had a much-dreaded out of town event to attend for my job, and surprisingly, it wasn't half-bad. Who can complain about free lodging, free, DELICOUS food and secret catnaps? Not me!!

I was quite taken aback when I received a trillion compliments on my look for the event. Not that I didn't think I looked fabulous, but it's different coming people who are not your own. Get my drift? Me, the girl who is always behind the camera, snapping pictures all over the place, was being asked to be in them. Kinda weird.

While I'm thinking about it, you know some people just need to relax, ya know? Why get a funky attitude about things you cannot change? Why stress yourself out over...NOTHING?? It's crazy. I need to take my own advice sometimes, but it's particularly aggravating when I see over people go through this. I know some folks who could put Halle and Denzel to shame with all their "dramatical" acts. Ughhh! It just kills me!

On to the next peice of randomness....

For the first time in seven years, I won't be attending my college's homecoming. Damn, damn, damn. I think I'm about to cry. The one weekend dedicated strictly to catching up with old friends and acting a fool guilt-free is off limits for me. I'm guess I'm being an adult and choosing a financial opportunity over fun. Can't have fun without money, right?

Um, yeah, I love Ciara's new song/video, "Promise." I've been reading bloggers' comments about the video. I got one thing to say: "STOP HATIN'!" Actually I don't think she's biting off Aaliyah or Janet. Well, maybe a little with the microphone stand thing, but let's face it. Janet isn't getting any love these days anyway, so what's the point? Kudos to CiCi for getting her Grown Woman on!

Well, that's it for now.



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