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Monday, October 30, 2006

When I'm 25....

If you noticed the name of this blog is Quarterlife Mocha Girl. I'm a girl and I'm black. I think those are pretty much obvious. But I haven't said one word about the quarterlife part. Go figure!

Way back in the gap when Honey Magazine was on top, (what happened, Honey???)I read an article on the Quarterlife Crisis. Yeah, you've heard about it. Surely, by now you have, Honey was around in 2001-2002. Anywhoo, the article was based on the actual book, The Quarterlife Crisis. For those of you who are twentysomethings who wonder daily, "What the hell am I doing with my life? Where am I going?" this book is for you!

Since I was about 19 or 20 when I was reading this article in Honey, I thought, 'hey that could be me in a few years, I can see it already.' But then I thought, 'nah, by the time I'm be set.' My plan to graduate and immediately move to a big city (since I'm a big-city kind of chick)was the only thing I saw. In my mid-twenties, where am I now?

Yes, I'm in a big city aka home. Yep, I'm still at Mama nem's house, working a mediocre, yet sometimes rewarding job. Did I mention that I don't have one of those things, what do you call them? Oh yeah, a boyfriend. I am officially having a Quarterlife Crisis. Let me break it down for ya. Characteristics of the QC are the following:

-feeling "not good enough" because one can't find a job that is at his/her academic/intellectual level
-frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
-confusion of identity
-insecurity regarding the near future
-insecurity regarding present accomplishments
-re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
-disappointment with one's job
-nostalgia for university or college life
-tendency to hold stronger opinions
-boredom with social interactions
-financially-rooted stress
-desire to have children

These emotions and insecurities are not uncommon at this age, nor at any age in adult life. In the context of the quarter-life crisis, however, they occur shortly after a young person – usually an educated professional, in this context – enters the "real world". After entering adult life and coming to terms with its responsibilities, some individuals find themselves in a world of career stagnation and extreme insecurity.

Okay, so all of these don't apply to me, but 9 out of 12 aint' bad! This is what I'm going through, in no particular order, if not all at once. I'm okay with it though. Atleast it's been defined. All good things come to those who wait, ya know. Wait along with action, that is. Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, I'm not yet in touch with that one.

There's so many thoughts going on in my head. For example, sometimes I think the nightlife scene is so overrated now and staying at home watching reruns of Bridezilla is more fulfilling. Then I think the very next day, this shit is wack. I'm young. I need to live it up while I can.

Can you relate to any of these characteristics? Come on now...be honest.



  • At November 3, 2007 at 6:02:00 AM PDT, Blogger TONI B. said…

    I know i'm about a year and threed days late reading this article...lol But just wanted to say that I can so relate to this. I'm 25 and this article discribes exactly what i'm going through... It's just nice to know that i'm not the one!


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