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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just Venting

Hey people! I haven't blogged in a minute. That's because until now I didn't even feel like writing how I've been feeling lately. Now I do, so here's a little run-down.

Monday was my first official financial class with a major company here in town. The deal is for the employees to have such a wonderful experience and learn so many new things to help them that we'll get rave reviews. Which means we can use their feedback and name to recruit other prestigious companies. Which means, I have a JOB. Of course, the class sucked like 45%. Not because of me, I don't think. I got excellent evaluations except, for one. (That punk!)

Anyway, to start things off, the class is from 4-7 p.m. So wack! These people have just come from work and have to sit through the class. This is supposed to be an investment that the company is making in their employees because they "care." Who wants to go to the class after work hours? I was bright-eyed and energetic with "hey how you doing? Thanks for coming." All I got was, "Whoooo, I'm so tired! I'm so ready to go home!" GREAT.

Sure I can make the class exciting, but can you atleast give them something to eat? The employer did not provide snacks of any kind. Not one bottle of water. Not one styrofoam cup with Coke in it. Can you pour it in their hands for 15 cents??? Damn.

Anyway, I left the class thinking it didn't do them any good. I'm crazy so I started thinking if this job would be long-term. If not, what would I do next? Me and my thinking are just always doing too much!

By the next day, I was feeling okay about the program. We now have to revamp the program, which wasn't really "vamped" in the first place. It's cool. Just when I thought I wouldn't have anything to do, I found out this morning that I will be the facilitator for another program at my job. The classes will run 6 weeks starting next week. And another program for teen financial fitness is in the works. God answers prayers, huh?

One of my line sister's grandmother died this week. They were so close. And she was a sweetie. One of my favorite sorors. We are praying for her and her family. That reminded me to spend time, if you can or atleast communicate with your elderly family members regularly. I called my Grandma yesterday (like I didn't see her on Sunday) and listened to her chat away. She loves to talk. I guess it runs in the family!

So now I have to grade mid-terms and post grades and comments. Lucky me!

Busy, Busy Busy


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