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Monday, February 26, 2007

Guess Who's Bi-Zack

Hey kids. I'm back. Atlanta was nice. I saw old friends and made some new ones (Hey Dede!). And thank God there were some friends that I didn't see purposely. Sitting at conferences all day at a crowded table with people you don't know from Adam was much more tiring than I thought it would be. I didn't much of anything the first couple of days. I pretty much slept and caught up on The Hills and Bad Girls Club. It was all good too, since I was a temporary victim of PMS. (Maybe that was TMI!)I did go to the movies, out on the town and out to lunch, so that was hot.

Anyway, several things went on that I noticed while I was away:

I like being by myself. DUH!

Being out of town makes you come to terms with the reality that you don't have a man!! Sheesh, that's for the birds these days.

That really sounded desperate, but hey I told you I was a victim of PMS. I was an emotional creature. Gimme a break!

People are just rude for no damn reason! If the instructor is giving us important instructions for an assignment, why are you having a full blown conversation about the Peachtree Center Food Court next to me??? Shut the hell up!

Why is it that I always end sitting next to the smarty-art person in class? That person who has a comment and feedback about EVERYTHING??? Why me? Some people have control issues and need to be STOPPED! If you know so much about financial planning, why are you the student, instead of the instructor? See previous comment for required instructions.

This guy who sat next me (mentioned above) was put on earth to aggravate me from February 19-21. Him gawking at me and trying to cheat on a quiz that was clearly a practice quiz sent me over the edge. And yes, I did ask him, "Do you have a problem???" And was dead serious!

Only in Atlanta can you get Chinese soul food! It was Mardi Gras time and since I went to school in Louisiana, I'm conditioned to want Cajun cuisine around this time. Ya know, crawfish, turkey necks, gumbo, etc. In the food court, I see a black guy sampling La. style spicy chicken. I'm thinking, "yummy!" I get close and see five Asians staring at me. They asked me if I wanted shrimp-fried rice with my Mardi Gras chicken. WTF??? Say it ain't so! They had eggrolls and jambalaya!!! I thought I was in the Twilight Zone, but I betcha I got that Mardi Gras chicken and fried rice! lol. Get it how you live.

My small-talk game is wiggedy wiggedy WACK. To me anyway. After I tell you my name, where I'm from and what I do, what else is there to say??? I think I'll buy Small Talk for Dummies or something.

We drove past a gay club downtown, Bulldogs, and I got teary-eyed. Damn all those fine black men---going to find each other! Humph!

Some people go too far with the fashion statements.strong>em> Stick with a theme already! You should not have on a Navy jacket with a short peach and green necktie, baggy jeans, New Balance and a scully. You look a hot mess. SIT DOWN!

Why did this lady in class straight CLOWN because the hotel staff threw away her danish while she was at lunch?
She was from Atlanta, making the natives look bad. She was saying she was leaving class to go talk to the hotel management because it "didn't make no sense." I understand it's the principle and all, but a danish that you got out the vending machine???? When they throw your wallet out, then you act a fool. Good grief!

This has nothing to do with my trip, but still work-related. I finally figured it out, my co-worker looks like the big-headed psychologist on South Park. Everytime I see him, I want to say, "IT'S EASY, MMMKAAAYYYY!!"


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