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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Most Known Unknown

That title really doesn't apply to what I'm about to write (or does it?), but it is the title of our beloved, ghetto-fabulous, maybe just ghetto phenoms--Three Six Mafia. Anyway...

I use feedburner on this blog. I registered maybe about a month ago. For you not so saavy in blogging, that means I can see who visited my page and where they accessed the site. To my surprise, I get more than the two or three hits I expect (including myself) on a daily basis. And actually, I don't really know exactly who frequents the blog, unless it I see the name of another blog and can identify it. The point is, I'm nosy so I want to know who's visiting. Do you actually like the blog or are you just passing time at your "good job?" Feel free to comment on anything! Like L.L. said, "if you're out there, make yourself seen." Or in my case, "read."

So don't be shy. Say what's up!


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