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Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Be Thankful

What's up, Peeps?

As much I know you're still basking in the beauty that is Pretty Ricky, it's time for another post. I've been slipping for good reason, I guess. So here is the randomness.

I've decided to begin the job search again (not like it ever should have ended). I really like it here, but something is not right. The vibe is off-kilter. A very sweet co-worker of mine just resigned today because of an "unhealthy working environment." That really has nothing to do with my decision though. I have tried not to be naive and think that this office is so different. No matter where you go, there's mess. I'm just glad I'm not in it.

Anyway, there's nothing to complain about at all. But I think I got a word from the Man Upstairs that it's time to get back on my grind. In my field, specifically. This job has afforded me the chance to write again and I'm loving it. I know that if need be, I could give someone great advice on how to manage their credit and facilitating a class (about whatever) is a piece of cake. But there's something missing. I've got to find it--in a new job (with an increased salary).

That brings me to today--my first day of class at the University. It's a satellite campus, but a University, no less. I'm excited. A little nervous, but not like I usually am. This should be interesting. No, I'm not toooooo keen on getting another job, especially twice a week, but you do what you have to do. I'm grateful for the opportunity and extra cash.

While searching like a maniac for a parking spot at the school Friday in 101 degree heat, I noticed something about myself that I don't like. Unfortunately and fortunately, the friend who I was on the phone with pointed it out first. I complain too much. Yep, that attitude that can be pretty bad when things are going my way. She fussed at me and told me to be happy I had a second job so I could pay my bills and have a little play money left over. Thanks for that DeepRooted. It was kind of mean, but I needed it.

Me and the youngin. Yea h, we're still kicking it. I still like him, he's still sweet as pie. I'm confused though. I think I put my foot in my mouth last week. Sometimes I don't blame men for reacting to us women the way they do. We are CRAZY AS HELL. Or is that just me?

The Blasts from the Past just won't stop. I wish they would.

Making the Band Finale: If Diddy wouldn't have called Big Mike's name, I was going to hunt him down and throw Proactiv Toner at him (cause he needed it last night)! I must say I'm pleased with his selection. I wouldn't have chosen Q though. Way to go, Donnie! That's a hot white boy. And he can play the piano! I was waaaayyyy too hype about them to say they'll probably only have one album. But I'm happy for them, no less.

On to the sad, sour note of the week (well last week). Read my latest Honey post and this link. Rest in peace, Soror Lauren.

Tell someone you love them. Have a great, blessed week!


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