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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What is the World Coming To?

So for those of you didn't know, I was trying (extremely hard) to break into the print magazine world. Via Vibe Vixen. I had a strong contact there and was in the process of pitching story ideas. Well, me and my nosey self---after sending my pitches and getting no response, which was unlike the contact---snooped around the Internet, to find that the contact was exiting the publication as editor. Check out Mastheads.org to get the dirt on enter/exits in mags, btw.

Hmm...interesting. Is it true? Is she gone? Taking my dreams of having an article in print in an urban mag for fab chicks like myself and you, of course? Maybe. I emailed the editorial assistant. No luck.

Now look what's happened! Read it and weep because I damn sure am!


While you're at it, sign the petition to bring Suede Magazine back, too!

This is dispicable (sp?). Whatever, it's a mess. There are 1,001 mags for Caucasian, Latina and whoever else. Why can't we have ours. Essence is hot, but what about the younger demographic??


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