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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Things You See on Main Street

I knew it was a matter of time before I saw something completely out of order. This is what I saw. In Outkast's words, "this is just my interpretation...of the situation. Ya'll go on and marinate on that for a minute."

Today I decided to step out of my lunch box and go the other way down Main Street. I really wanted some fudge chocolate chip cookies, so I walked to Subway. What a pleasant surprise, I ran into one of my pumpkins, one of our youth at church. She has a summer internship downtown. Who knew? Anyway...

Sitting by the window, eating lunch with her, I see a small crowd of men by the trolley stop. No big deal right? No sooner than I could blink my eye, this guy is mugging this other guy in the face hard as hell! They were pushing and shoving each other. My church member said maybe they were just playing. Uh, how about no? You don't push a man in the face "for play." It was the weirdest thing ever. Like they were fighting by the trolley stop with hundreds of people around. The elderly folks coming out of Easy Way Produce, the businessmen and women in their power suits...ME! You know I was laughing. Killing myself laughing to be exact. Sometimes it's rather unfortunate that I find humor in just about everything. And I don't even know what was really going on.

What was even crazier, it looked as if one of the guys was homeless and he was fighting mad because these other guys tried to take his bag. A brown paper bag and plastic. I have no idea what was in that bag, but when I saw the other guys pulling the red skin off slices of bologna, making "baloney and cracker" sandwiches, I figured why he was hot. Don't take a man's food. Period.

A few minutes passed. Back to lunch with lil mama. I look up again and the homeless guy is tearing this dude up. I mean, rolling on the ground, choking, punching. A drag-out fight! It was so sudden, it was funny. Eventually, someone at the trolley stop pulled the homeless guy off of dude. They walked away, but he was still running toward him, gesturing as if to say "come on wit it!"

I don't know what kind of bologna that was, but it must have been damn good.

"This is just my interpretation of the situation."


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