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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Still Here!!!!

Long time, no blog, huh? It's been so much going on, I couldn't get it all out. Let's go down the list, shall we?

I just got back from the Chicago Football Classic (THE Southern University vs. Mississippi Valley State U.) We won, of course! I had so much fun with my two friends/LS in the CHI. It was like freshmen year all over again--atleast for three hours.
We also saw The Color Purple. EXCELLENT!! Sunday morning worship at Victory Cathedral (Smokie Norful's church) was so wonderful! Pics coming soon.

I was made aware of a certain co-worker's schemes against me. Supposedly this "backstabbing heffa" (someone else words, not mine!) is not to be trusted. How ironic that I share an office with her. Go figure. I was upset about it at first, but I'm so over it. Live and learn.
I started my teaching gig last week and one of students is my god-mother's best friend. She's known me forever. Now I'm teaching her. Weird. All of the other students are college-age. Blank slates....

I'm still looking for other side gigs, still writing and still looking for full-time jobs. It's hard, but I thank God that I'm in the position to do that without any major urgency. I'm the only one who should be make future situations urgent. If anyone knows of any PR/communications/special events jobs, let me know!

Email stalking, Myspacing and Facebooking works! I found the online editor at Vibe Vixen again. No, the print is not coming back anytime soon, except for a special issue, but the website will be updated.

I took a shot in the dark yesterday and sent an email tip about the Teedra Moses story to Stereohyped and she (Lauren, Tia William's sister) published it. Now that's hot!

Check out Clutch for more updates on Fashion Week and a new online mag, Empress Magazine.

I decided yesterday to put myself on the market for freelance writing. I've been surfing the net, seeing what other people are doing and I can do it, too! I need a website and a few other things to get it rolling. I'm excited.

Um, that's it. Nothing too enlightening or heavy. I'll get into that later.



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