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Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Founders Day SU!!

SU. Not Syracuse, but THE SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY A&M COLLEGE. That's my alma mater. I was reminiscing about the days of old at my beloved school with a friend the other day and thought about doing a post. I waited, and I'm so glad I did. How fitting to post on the day it founded right? RIGHT!

If you don't know, Southern University is the main campus of the Southern University System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is the only HBCU system in the world. The largest HBCU in the country with the best and brightest, no matter what people tell you. We are the best in the SWAC, the home of the often imitated, never duplicated, Human Jukebox and the victor of the Bayou Classic. Come to a home football game and you'll see a sea of RVs in the parking lot of the Mini-dome and along campus with faithful Jaguar fans who have camped out since Thursday night, cooking crawfish etoufee, turkey necks and potatoes and hot sausage. (Damn I'm getting hungry!) A place where you could have a barbeque cookout with trashcans full of Omega Oil or Alpha Punch in the middle of the day, right in the middle of campus. A place that you can call a home away from home. I did! There is none greater--not Howard, Hampton, Grambling, Spelman, Clark, FAMU---whoever, for so many other reasons.

SU is right in the heart of the great state of Louisiana. If you attended and were from out of state, you may have thought everyone was from "the Islands" because of their strong accents and French culture. If you live outside of Louisiana now, you may get a strong taste for crawfish around Mardi Gras on throughout the spring and summer.

I think they put something in the water or brainwashed us in class because EVERYONE who attended Southern is a diehard fan. PERIOD. So if you hear someone talk about Southern University, just know that even if you've never heard of it, don't know where it is or don't know anyone who attended, just remember this: You'll never understand unless you experienced it for yourself. Here's my tribute to my school. And if you're thinking it, YES, I am a member of the alumni federation. Don't hate


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