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Friday, April 20, 2007

Just a Couple of Things

It's Friday and I'm feeling pretty good. I made it through the week, thank God for that! Whatever I have been doing has really drained me. The crazy thing is I've done nothing out of the ordinary. Work-work and school-work. This weekend I plan on doing nothing, then any and everything I want to do.

First, I signed up for this Google Adsense and now I can't get this freakin ad off the top of the blog. I wholeheartedly advocate assistance for Katrina victims. I gave and volunteered, too. But that ad is just ugly and in the wrong place. I want it gone now!

I got a story assignment for a local women's magazine here, Grace Magazine. Excited about that. Especially since it pays!

This whole VT thing has got everyone thinking. Clearly, I think one of my students has a mental problem. Let's just say he Cantgetright. It kinda freaks me out. Because his behavior is so off, he's not doing so well in the class. But I bet he'll get a decent grade. He ain't coming to shoot my ass! (That was not a joke, I was so serious!)

I'm so glad I had a great college experience. I'm just now seeing that obviously, it can be a lonely place.

I'm leaving work a couple hours early. What am I going to do after that?

I'm looking forward to the massages me and Mama will get tomorrow. We're doing the "spa thing".

Do you ever get the feeling that when you're rushing to catch the elevator, the people on the elevator really don't want you to catch it? Like they're saying in their heads "Close. Close. Close." Dirty MF's.

Could that be karma because I want to scream when someone dashes to the elevator on the first floor, only to push Floor 2???? Don't ever act like that's not right up four steps. Lazy MFs.

That's wasn't right was it?

Anyway, this weekend I should be posting my pics from the Chrisette Michele show on the Honey Blog. She is the ish and I will have her CD asap.

Have a great weekend!


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