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Monday, June 11, 2007

Week Recap and Real Men

So it's been a minute. I have not been into the blogging thing lately. Instead, I've been "lurking" on other people's blogs. Found some good ones, too. Everyday it's been a different issue:job stuff, family stuff, church stuff, apartment stuff---you name it, I thought about it last week. But I did have a wonderful weekend to wind down.

Friday-Drinks at Swig's Martini Bar with friends from SU, followed by sweating my face off at the free-Friday night-spot. Why must we do alllllll of the line dances in a row. Four Corners, Chinese Checkers, MS Mudslide and the Cupid Shuffle. My legs were about to straight give out on me. Then they have nerve to do a reggae set after that. Keep the party going, I guess.

Saturday-I contacted a wonderful and talented sushi chef for an interview and she offered to show me and a friend how to make it. Marisa Baggett, a Mississippi native and Memphis resident is the first African American female to receive certification as a professional sushi chef at the California Sushi Academy. She was so sweet and a great teacher, too. My linesister and I made rolls on our own. Even the inside-out rolls, where the rice is on the outside. They were delicious!! It just hit me that I'd finally eaten sushi with raw fish. Eel to be exact. We tore it up! Marisa has her own catering/sushi business. It's so great to see Black women doing their thing. Check out her blog here.

Sunday-Cookout at my LS's house. I said I was only staying for a few hours because I had a class today (which I realized is tomorrow, not today-damn!). Yeah right! I left at midnight. Grilled everything, daiquiris, two Patron shots and a Smirnoff. And I don't even have a hangover. My tolerance is higher than I think.

Usually, I would say that a good meal and drinks is what's to be excited about, but I got something to top that. Two of my LS's hometown friends (guys) did everything. We didn't have to do a thing, but sip wine and play cards. They brought the food, grilled it, made sure we were "straight" at all times, made the salads, the schish-kabobs (sp?), cut the ham, diced the eggs and crutons for the salad. Laid it out. Real men. Working men. This one guy knows how to do everything---no lie. He even caught a flying bug with his bare hands. And he has a landscaping biz and works 9-5 in construction.

We named him All-American, our hero. After all he did, we fixed his plate. Should we act out DC's Cater 2 U video, wash your feet, what? It's the least we can do. We need some real country, not-afraid-to-get-dirty men. The other guys there were glued to the TV, hollering "Lebron so cold, mane!" and even asking us to "bring them a beer." Whatever dude. Do I look like Florence from the Jeffersons? How about you come over here and plant some trees for shade. All-American can do it.

All in all, it was fun. Played some Taboo, met some new people, which is always good and maybe in a couple of weeks, the cookout will be at my house.


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