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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So finally, I have some time to myself to blog. It has been crazy. Last week, I had two stories due today, but one of them dropped off. Thank God because he was weird as ____. I'm about to send my second story now. I'm finished with my classes for work, but an entire new session is about to start for teens. Yay. More writing assignments and more projects, but after November 15, I should be able to rest.

I had a job interview today by phone. It's in communications. I also forwarded my resume for another job. It's going into good hands. Who knows what God has in store for me? I know that this job is perfect for me now because I have time to write and get my "business" up and running. Now I have two positions hopefully in the works that are in communications/PR, but very fast-paced. That could cut back on my writing time and creativity, but I doubt. I think I've gotten lazy and I'm a little reluctant to get back into it. But I will. As long as it's more money. It's not that crucial though. I already have a job that I like, but I don't believe in ever getting too comfortable.

Enough of the serious stuff. NIP TUCK is back on and I'm too excited! This time around looks like Sean is the big man, instead of Christian. I still think Sean is a wuss, but he has reason to be. His business partner is the real father of his son. HA! Anyway, the season is started off unexpectedly already.

I'm missing the all-day Martin marathon on Saturday on TV One. Dammit!!! You know I'm a fanatic.

The Hills--Umm, never thought I'd say this, but I'm about to be so over these chicks. Whitney's presentation at Teen Vogue NYC...what the hell was that? Can we get more words in the vocab besides "umm," "yeeaaahhh" or "so what hap-penedddd?" And they had nerve to say the presentation was great? Beat it. Valley Girl wouldn't stand a chance in the nonprofit world.

No offense, though. And did you see the switch on Marc Jacobs. He puts my mama to shame! Lauren was so supposed to be so excited to meet him, but she was like, "Um, yeah, Marc. Nice to meet you...beat it." LOL

I feel the need to travel suddenly. I need to hit up ATL and NYC immediately.

Anyway, that's it.


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