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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Love You, Memphis Tigers!

I'm not a sports buff, by far...I'm a girly girl. But I have to get this out...

The boys are coming home today...it's kind of sad, ya know? To say I am an employee of the University of Memphis, I didn't really get into basketball until they got to the Elite Eight. I really started paying attention. I had no choice, I guess. EVERYWHERE I turned there were interviews and stories about the players. I realized then that these are young Black men, babies really. Nineteen and 21 years old. They had a lot of pressure on them. But the most important thing was they were persevering and doing well....and they had MEMPHIS on their jerseys. These are our boys.

When I saw the "Prelude to a Championship" last night, I almost got a little teary-eyed. So many people doubted them, but look at how far they'd come. They didn't win (dammit!), but they're treasures to us here in this city.

Chris Douglas-Roberts (what ya'll know about those hyphenated last names?!-lol), Derrick Rose, Joey Dorsey, Anderson, Dozier (way to shoot those 3's) and Taggart....Welcome home! GO TIGERS!

We love you!


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