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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Been Soooooooo Long!

Yeah, my posts are getting less frequent. It's been crazy lately. In a good way, that is. I have so many things to discuss, but I can't even get it out right now. I have class tonight and this Spring weather is making me so sleepy. All I want to do is get in the bed. I started my praise dance class at church last night and I moved things that were never moved before. We are really dancing. Not that slow, old woman stuff! I can't wait until the performance.

Today, my friends and I bought tickets to the Erykah Badu show here in May. She finally finally decided to grace us with her presence. Bout time! I'm still deciding on whether or not I'm going to the Jay/Mary concert in ATL in two weeks for my bday. I need to do something different and that would be it. I need to pray about it. All this money is coming from where?

I'm still trying to make waves with this writing thing. I got back on my pitching grind recently, so hopefully some things will come to pass. Check out my feature on Caroline Mason from the First 48 at www.ndigo.com. The real job is about to be so real in a minute. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! I'm enjoying this week with not much to do because it's about to be nonstop.

The boy. I still like him. We still talk. That's it. The usual suspects are still trying to keep in contact for whatever reason. I would say beat it, but I think one of them just really needs someone to talk to. Why does it have to be me though? Damn that selfish phase I'm going through. It makes me so mean. I've come to the conclusion that I NEED to date. Nothing else to say about that. It speaks for itself.

In other news, God is so good. Like you didn't already know that! I say that for no reason other than to state an obvious fact. Happy belated Resurrection Sunday! Our service was awesome.
If you get bored at work, check out www.polyvore.com and make your own outfits. I love when magazines have fashion spreads with outfits laid on the pages. Gives me so many ideas. I need them. I'm looking a mess these days.

Anywho, that's it for now. I'll be back soon and very soon.


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