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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Yeah, It's Halloween

It's Halloween. Whoop de do...I feel really guilty for not being excited about Halloween. I don't think my household will be participating in the festivities. Not because I think Halloween is a satanic or evil holiday, but because...I'm tired! We'll have to keep the front light off. I really hate that becaues the kids deserve some fun and seeing a house with no light on is NOT FUN. It says, "We don't give a damn if you want candy. GO HOME!" But I'm tired as hell!

All I want to do is get into something comfortable, lay in the bed and eventually fall asleep. Oops, no such thing. Today is Tuesday. It's Nip Tuck Day!!! I guess I'll tuning in to that fine Christian Troy.

By the way, Sanaa Lathan is gracing the silver screen on the show these days. She is so the bomb!! Leave it up to Sanaa to play the character who finally hooks Christian. Not even Kimber could do it. Sanaa (don't ask me what her character's name is, I forgot!) had him, the biggest womanizer-hoe on earth, laying on the bed asking her to "stay with him." Get him, Sanaa. Check NipTuck if you're afraid of getting hooked every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on FX.


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