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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flip the Script

I was watching the BET Celebration of Gospel the other night and had a couple of thoughts. I'm not going to share them because by now if you saw the show you've already talked about who did what, who had on what, etc. What I was thinking about was R&B artists who now are gospel artists. Those who act like they've never heard a "secular" song before may ask you what these artists sang before their transitions. Show them this post please.

(Disclaimer: This is not a "I remember when.." post. This is in no way an opportunity to discount their moves to gospel music. I love their new music. Just something I was thinking about!)

Coko (formerly of SWV)

Don't play, everybody knows Coko. If you didn't know her, you fasho knew those claws she had for fingernails. Check out her new music here. Anyway, here's one of my favs. And I can't believe I was listening to this at the age of 12! Pretty mild for these times, though, don't you think?

Dave Hollister (formerly of Blackstreet)

I love Dave, all day, er'day. Ghetto Hyms was that ish! He had a couple of hits, then he made his way to singing and acting in stageplays. He has a wonderful voice. Hollister is doing great as a gospel artist. Aside from his own album, Book of David, Vol 1: The Transition, he also featured on Hezekiah Walker's album. Word is he's cousin to K-Ci and JoJo Hailey. Another tidbit is he is the voice on Brenda's Got a Baby. Really weird because I always thought that was K-Ci! Here's my absolute favorite of Dave's.

And speaking of K-Ci and JoJo...

I know that didn't have a darn thing to do with the subject at hand, but that just KILLS me everytime!!


Kelly Price

Ya'll know KP can sing! She has that voice hands down. She has a new comtemporary gospel song out that's another version of Soul of a Woman from her first album. It's called "Healing." Very nice. Here's the song that put her on the map. THE REMIX.

Either way you go, these folks have talent. I'm glad they crossed over to do what they probably should have been doing in the first place. It was fun while it lasted.



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