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Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Too Much Going On

How's life, folks?

Ok, you read the title. Unfortunately, I feel like crap (damn sinus!) and I'm hella tired. Once again, a doing-too-much weekend. To top that off, I was a Goody Two-Shoes and came into work, even though I was two hours late. My eyes are tight and damn near blurry, so instead of telling you about my weekend, I'll post this video of Teedra Moses at the Black Cat in DC. Ya'll know how much I love her, right? I'm crossing my fingers and toes that she's added to the Esesnce Music Fest lounge. She sent me a message on the Myspizzle (yes, I believe it's really her! Don't look crazy!) saying she was trying to get on. Double confirmation from an associate from SU who hung out with her in L.A. and said the same thing.

Teedra, if you're reading, PLEASE come to Memphis or New Orleans.

So here you go. Be Your Girl .


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