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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some of This and That

So I have that -itis. You know what I'm talking about. I went to a 10:30 meeting that I was not so excited about. It ended up being pretty good. It was at ALSAC, the fundraising entity for St. Jude. How I love St. Jude! I have decided to volunteer and give small monetary donations when I am able. I sat up one night and watched the infomercial and cried like a baby! Did I tell you how emotional I am? Well, yeah. The tears were flowing like Niagara.

Anyway, to say I didn't want to go to the meeting, God still blesses. It was about to rain and I: (a) didn't want to walk in the rain to get lunch and (b) didn't want to spend money on lunch. Riding back to the office, my boss says she's taking us to lunch. You know I was too excited. I had a grilled chicken panini with Swiss and mushrooms. Moroccan chicken soup and sweet tea. Ummm good. And I got a half of the sandwich to eat for later. Don't play!

So I have that -itis. Don't want to do anything, but sit here and nod off. I got sh*t to do though. Grading papers, making study guides, doing budgets, among other miscellaneous things. Sheesh.

I decided I want to take beginner's ballet class. Some type of dance class. Age 26 is a little too late to try and get the graceful thing down. I got that already, but I just want to be in a dance class. Get some movement in my life. The gym didn't work for me. Sorry. Think I watched Dancelife too much? Maybe.

This weekend was different. Maybe I can't function because I had shots of Patron and red-headed sluts back to back at Pat O'Brien's. It didn't bother me then. But now...In the process I met an older man who said he was a passionate chef of Louisiana cuisine. Especially any type of pasta. I HEART pasta. He could be a sponsor. I also had crawfish at our annual crawfish festival. It was so good. Spicy. And I didn't even have to be in Louisiana to get them. If I could have, I would have. Southern's Springfest was this weekend and Marsha from Floetry performed. DAMN! How and why do all the good artists perform after I leave?

That's enough babbling. I'm about to turn my chair slightly to a 45 degree angle and "rest my eyes."



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