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Friday, November 02, 2007

Back Again-Happy Blog Anniversary

Hello Again!

I'm should be wrapping up to bounce out of here promptly at 4:45, but after reading B Fab's latest entry, I remembered something. I missed my blog anniversary. It was October 23. I thought, as you do for any other anniversary, you should reflect on the past and look to the future. So here goes:

Since October 23, I have done a lot. Then I started this blog to get back into writing because I just knew that I should have been doing that. Then I was at that funky dead-in job, wanting to shoot myself in the foot to keep from going to work. My boss was the most aggravating being on Planet Earth. I was not feeling that confident in my work due to a sh*tty-boo-boo evaluation, even though I know I rocked that ish. Still I was content. Not as content as I would have liked to be though.

Now, a whole year later, look at what has happened.

-I got another job in a completely different field and I like it. It's finally picking up.

-I started as a blogger for Honey Magazine Online. !!!!

-I got a new car. RIP Sadie. Hello Sadie, the Rebirth. lol

-I write constantly and have been published in a several magazines. My portfolio is growing.

-I moved out and live alone. I can take care of myself completely, though I still hit Moms up for the free meals. She loves me!

-I went through some minor, yet sh*tty dealings with guys, but I have learned from them (I think.).

-I've been traveling. More to come...

-I went through a semi-depression. I hate to call it that, but it was something. Let's call it a withdrawal. But I got over it and I'm back to being me.

-My daddy had a heart attack, but is now healthy and optimistic.

-Daddy went to church. Our church!

-I think I have found my true passion (atleast one of them). Writing!

NONE of this, not one drop is because of me. It was all because of GOD, JESUS CHRIST. I thank him for everything He has done for me. What's He's going to do. How He blesses people in my life, not just me. I thank Him for my talents and for recognizing them. Being able to go after what I want, even when I'm too lazy to do it.

And I can't forget about my friends in the blogsphere. I went from one or two comments from close friends to comments from people all over the country and even my Mama. Even some of my friends have their own blogs now. You guys really help motivate me and let me know I'm not the only crazy, silly chick who thinks the things I do! Thanks so much for reading this blog and all my other stuff. I love reading yours, too! I love ya'll!

Thanks for ridin' with me...now where's my Tony Toni Tone??


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