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Friday, November 02, 2007

So, It's Friday

And I'm not doing much of anything. I'm writing, of course, listening to the roommate talk to her mother's doctor or consultant about whatever. Don't get me wrong, take care of Mother. I'm sure my Mama takes care of Granny's business on the job. But guess what? She has an office to herself. Just her and the four walls. Am I saying don't handle personal biz in here? Hell no! I do it all the time. Can you bring it down though? It's as if she's at the house, better yet, in a damn field. Screaming to the sky.

Point blank, I'm trying to write over here. You're wrecking my flow.

The sound of that Cingular (excuse me--AT&T) ring is on blast and it's going off like every five minutes. Friday is supposed to be a day of peace.

But I digress. These are the days of my life.

Wednesday, I felt sick, so I cancelled class. I managed to make it to my God-son's Halloween party. It was so fun. The people who were there were my age, but naturally, had kids. I was the only one (it was only 4 people) childless. I thought, am I behind on the times? My best friend is having parties for her son, making rotel and cupcakes. Very domestic. Domestic I am not. Not that I was thinking I need to have children. I'm straight on that. But after awhile, the eggs are going to turn to dust. I want to be a fun mom. Young enough to do all that stuff with your kids that makes life fun. But stable enough to provide and make sound decisions for them. Me and my husband both.

Anyway, I'm getting older and with age comes experiences and life stages, i.e. marriage and children. A few friends are talking about maternal instincts and wanting to have children. I'm content where I am. Ironically, I'm great with children. Babies and toddlers LOVE me. It's this thing I have. Ask the 3/6 year olds at my play sister's house who attached themselves to me for three hours straight. Sitting in my lap and crying when I left. Two lil dudes who never give hugs were hugging and giving out kisses to me.

Maybe I should open a daycare....Ok, enough of the jokes.

Have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to read Clutch November.


  • At November 2, 2007 at 11:33:00 AM PDT, Blogger *B* Fab said…

    hola and Happy Friday!

    You know, it's the funniest (strangest) thing, this getting older. All these weird, rampant thoughts of marriage and kids I can only attribute to getting OLD!

    Halloween was so funny to me too b/c everyone left and dipped out of the office at 4 and i was like oh, didn't know it was a national parent get off early day!

    Anywho, I do an NOT domestic and am very content to NOT have any rugrats, now, or ever maybe. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out of my circle of friends who feels that way about maternal instincts and whatnot.

    Have a fab weekend!!!


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