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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Neck, My Back....

My neck and my back!! That's how I felt for about three days after I completed the 5 mile walk for the March of Dimes. After hearing a student's personal speeches about her experience with the March of Dimes and her premature daughter, I decided to participate. This was also my first activity with DST Memphis Alumnae.

That was the walk from hell! Up and down the trail, around the biggest lake I've ever seen. Then these guys from FedEx were playing around so everytime they came around, Sorors wanted to pick up the pace (run) to get ahead of them. After about two times, I was like, "Damn that..I'm chillin'." I went at my personal pace. It still didn't stop my ankles, feet, legs, calves and butt from aching. I pulled things that have never been pulled before. I am truly out of shape.

Did I mention my car got stuck in a muddy ditch after the walk? Yeah. I sat in my car and cried for maybe 10 seconds. I was hot, wanted a bath and was late for my hair appointment. I was so stressed, I didn't even think about calling Roadside Service. Another lady had already tried and the tow truck couldn't fit, so that was out anyway. Thankfully, a guy came and pulled both of out. And he didn't ask for anything in return. Now that's favor.

(This is not my car, but you get the idea)

My car was COMPLETELY COVERED in mud. Everyone was stopping me to find out what happened. I droved on the expressway with all windows down, because I couldn't see. The boys at the carwash clowned me for a good 15 minutes before they told me they couldn't do anything with the car. I had to spray it down first. I went up the street to the DIY carwash and did it myself!

What a Saturday, right? I topped it off by going home, getting clean and relaxed and buying a few things during Tax-free Weekend. Then the new guy and I went out for sushi. Yummy! Still no sparks, by the way, but whatev.
All is well that ends well.


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