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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Stuff

So many things have been going through my mind lately. For example:

Sometimes watching Alexyss Tylor videos is a gift and a curse. After watching one last night, I pondering whether or not I had ever been a "trick-ass bitch" before. You know 'Lexyss is raw to the core! LMAO

I often think about what I want my wedding dance song to be. Right now it's LTD's Love Ballad. Whatchu know bout that old school?

It's about to get really, really hectic for me for the next two months. I refuse to be stressed out like I was last year.

My 52-year-old second cousin, who's like my uncle, sent me a bangin' playlist today! EWF, Maze, Lauryn, Anita and Silk. Who gave him that?

I need to call my brother back. But he's so dry on the phone.....BORING

I'm excited about Essence Music Festival this year. I just realized that I didn't Maze on the artist lineup. Don't play with my emotions.

Still trying to get to the beach though.

I'm proud of all of the successful, determined friends who I surround myself with.

My granny has pneumonia. I hope and PRAY she gets well soon.

I'm ready to go home and relax, but I have class!

I think I'm a little too anxious to do my taxes this year. I don't know why...I never get a major refund. I hope I don't end up owing Uncle Sam. If I get anything back, I'll be grateful.

I'm thinking of story ideas to pitch to editors.

What makes you a better writer? Reading! So, I'm going to attempt to buy more magazines of all genres to get my juices flowing. (Glamour, Essence, Marie Claire, GQ)

I still need to be applying to jobs. And saving. That last one is not a problem really.

It's time for me to move my care my extended stay at work.



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