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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blah/OutKast Day

I'm sitting at my desk listening to one of top five favorite OutKast songs: "Prototype". I still feel the way Andre feels in this song years later. Dammit!!!

Today I am aggravated by the Cycle of Life and bullshit going in my life, which I allowed to happen. Before I would have said that today is not a good day, but it is. The sun is shining bright outside my window. The leaves are still falling from the trees and from my view you can't tell it's 35 degrees outside. It looks like a sunny, hot, bright BEAUTIFUL day. Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

So yeah, I just came back from helping my co-worker, who I would like to like, but something isn't quite right with her. Can a person really be that incompetent? Really? Do I really have to show you have to hook the computer and projector up? Re-save your work to your junk drive in Word 2003? Really? Or are you just playing me?

When they called me for my assistance I was pissed because, well, the C.O.L. is killing me, I'm extremely annoyed and I was having a GRAND time listening to "Slum Beautiful" during my self-proclaimed "OutKast Day" (Andre makes me happy!).

BUT I was also sick of mentally beating myself up over this horrible drama that I'm taking myself through, so I needed something else to do. So, there you have it. I put on my tech hat (which I don't do often).

So OutKast Day continues:

"I can't afford not to record."
"She so gotdamn sweet, sweet as she wanna be! Ooh, I just wanna lay in her hair!"
"Everybody need to quit actin hard and shit before you get yo ass whooped! (I'll slap the f*ck outcha"
"F' that Valentine's Day!"
"Can't worry bout what a nigga think. Now see, that's liberation, and baby I want it!"
"Climbing out this hole with a smile on my face. In the place to be and not to be at the same time."
"Baby, take off your cool. I wanna see you. I wanna see you."


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