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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two for Tuesdays (Again)

I neglected to post on Founder's Day (of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.--duh!), but simply put, I was too busy. So.....Ooooooooo-ooooooop!

Since I won't be here for the chapter's official celebration, I took it upon myself to celebrate with sorors unofficially by going out....on a Tuesday. Never again! I had a great time, but let me tell you, if you didn't know hood and country don't mix.

1. I saw several men and women who knew me but I: (a) Don't really think I knew them or (b) If I did, I couldn't remember from where and was too ashamed to ask. This one guy talked to me all night...no clue as to how I know him. Another guy who was BIG as hell (in stature) kept telling me he would buy me "whatever I like". Just name it. Ewww! And I hugged this chick like we shot marbles together in the third grade....Again, no clue.

2. The DJ kept saying that we were celebrating 26 years, instead of 96. I gave him a pass because I knew he didn't go to college. No offense.

3. I thought you couldn't smoke in clubs/bars anymore. Yet, when this guy came close to me, I knew he JUST put the blunt down two seconds before he saw me. Then as I was changing clothes at home, I got a whiff of my shirt. Straight Kools and Camels. Yuck!

4. I am not 21 or 24, for that matter, anymore! I have a two-hour max time limit in the club. How I ever was the first one there and the last one to close it out all those years is beyond me! I just don't have the stamina anymore. It has to be a bangin'-ass party!

5. If you have linesisters (or LBs), there's nothing like them. Tear.

6. The next morning at work, I wanted to pull my eyelashes out hair by hair. I was SO sleepy!

7. Finally, I know that God sees all. And just when you think you're getting over, He shows you. Like, saying, "Gotcha!!" from the heavens. There was a free time for the club before 8 p.m. After, cover is $10. I had my debit card ready to swipe when the guy tells me to pay at the bar because the debit machine was....you guessed it---broken. As soon I walked through the threshold, I clearly kept walking. How would he know whether or not I paid? It was packed. Ballin' on a budget. I continued to enjoy my evening of Willie Hutch, Womack & Womack and Jamie Foxx (it was Grown Folks night). Leaving out, I told my soror that the evening was worth it especially because it ended up being Free.99.

I walked to my car and noticed two fliers on my windshield. Go figure. Just as I was about to let them fly into the air, I noticed that one of them was not a flyer, but a TICKET for $20. I parked in a No Parking zone. Dammit! I couldn't even be mad though.

Cheaters never win.


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