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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

Um, yeah, it's six days into the new year, but if I had a brand new car even a month, I'd probably still it was new, so there you go. Happy New Year!

I almost didn't post today, but something just led me to. First off, let me say that I officially am ready to get back into public relations/communications. It's not that I don't like my current job. I dreaded going to my first class today, but I had such a good time. However, this has been on my mind for a minute. I've been looking for communications jobs. Ironically, my new boss asked me to write a feature story on a program to submit to media outlets. She mentioned eventually phasing the communications duties out to me since that's my background area. If that happens within the year, that would be great. I need something on my resume that's current, not two years old.

What made the light bulb go was looking in the paper today at the ongoing special they have: Go To the Inauguration. There are daily profiles of individuals and families who are traveling to DC, how they're going, why, etc. The profile today was on a young communications specialist. Black, 26 and traveling with her college friends to DC. I thought, "Damn, that should have been me!" Not being in the paper (I was featured last week), but having the job as communications specialist. It just kinda struck me. When I think about how much work I did in my previous job, I know I can take on any position. So there.

Moving right along....

So far, I've been doing the little small things that I said I would do for the New Year. I spent New Year's Eve and Atlanta and had the best time. I won't bore you and tell you that I have the moving bug AGAIN. I know, I know, every time I visit another city, the bug bites me. Actually the last few times, I went to Atlanta, I thought it was overrated. Where I move to is not the point, so much as moving somewhere else, period. Get it? I just feel like I need to leave.

Is this city really done with or is it just me? Is it possible to move away and have the same empty feeling? Yes, it is, so I won't be hasty with the moving stuff. Rather, I'll ask God to guide me where I need to go and if it's still here, so be it. Whatever is keeping me from experiencing whatever I think I should, I ask Him to take it away.

Over the Christmas break, I passed up the chance to go to my high school class's Christmas party because I didn't have anyone to go with. On top of that, I felt sick. Even so, how crazy is that? I know damn near everybody. What was that fear about? Now I'm looking at pics on Facebook and I see the fun I missed out on.

It seems like everybody has their own thing. Their own significant others, friends, hobbies and I seemed to be lacking in some of those areas. I don't know. I guess I was just feeling a little indifferent.

Today, I feel rejuvenated and ready to get things done. I am inspired again. Take a look at Belle's latest post.

Be empowered!


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