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Monday, November 24, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes

This time last year, I was probably pacing the floor of Baptist Memorial Hospital hoping my Daddy would be the same Daddy I knew before his stroke. God, it seems just like yesterday that our lives were turned upside down. Time does fly though.

Now, Daddy is okay. Doing just fine, physically though he still has some speaking issues due to the stroke. I can't complain at all. Thank God for that!

This time last year,

This time last year I was still dodging the youngin and about to be reunited (?) with That One again unexpectedly. Never varying from the script, he disappeared from my life some months later and now I'm shamefully still hoping to see him this weekend so I can get some some ish out. There's a song on I Am...Sasha Fierce called "Disappear" that sums it up completely!

I know I'm going on off a tangent, but....It's not fair. Just when I think it could be something with another guy who could possibly OVERshadow him, it flops. For several reasons, I guess, but it all comes down to it not being meant to be. Oh well.

This post has no direction whatsoever. Sorry! I'm actually trying to work and I didn't get much sleep last night!



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