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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day vs. Black History

Last week, my status on Facebook said something like this: "Southern_Lady thinks the man uses Valentine's Day to overshadow Black History Month." It got a lot of "interesting", "never thought about it that way" "So true!" and "You ain't never lied!"

I was serious when I wrote that. I also added that yes, I know V-Day has been in existence lonnnggg before BHM. I also know that LOVE is universal. It applies to all people, not just black folks. Maybe that's why I was drowned in a sea of pink and red when I walked into Wal-Mart the other day, but couldn't FIND anything pertaining to Black history besides the thousands of specially-published Obama magazines and posters (I'm all for this, of course!). But still.....

When I was a little girl, you always knew it was Black History Month. Granted, I attended an all-black elementary and junior high school (well, we were the majority there), there were always programs, posters, little unknown facts about us. Now, I gets nothing. Of course, my supervisors aren't going to quote Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey before they open or conclude the weekly staff meeting, but can I atleast get a showing of "Eyes on the Prize" on PBS?


As an adult, it's my responsiblity to educate myself. I can no longer depend on my teachers or the Black History Month Committte to tell me the inventions by Black folks, or the importance of HBCUs. It's up to me, especially if I have children. I attended a Kwanzaa event for teens in December and they barely knew the Black National Anthem. I couldn't believe it. By now, a lot of people are thinking that our work as a race is done. President Obama has taken us to the mountaintop, right? WRONG. As great of a feat as it is, it doesn't overshadow all of the other things we've achieved. Not by far.

I think that's the end of my vent.

Wait, read this comment from a reader and tell me how you feel. It's taken from this story: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/feb/08/debating-future-of-history/

'No some races do not have a month to celebrate their history but they got a better start to improve their lives.'

What BS...There are multitudes upon multitudes of immigrants who have come to America's shores seeking opportunity and gaining riches. They had no government help, no media lovefest over their 'victim' status, no one at all to help them.

Instead, they took fair advantage of the opportunities this country has historically offered to everyone who comes to its shores.
No it wasn't always easy or fair. Outsiders always have to fight harder to succeed. Just the same as if I went to another country and decided to live there and work there and build a business.
No one would give a rat's rear end who I was or where I came from.

But somehow blacks who have not had to go anywhere but home from the hospital seek special treatment because of 'history'.

They are not outsiders, not foreigners, not aliens from another planet and yet many blacks have been unable and unwillingly to assimiliate and become 'Americans'.

They refuse to take adavantage of free education, free healthcare, (available to othe very poor only) and the other amenities of life paid for by those who WORK. They see these as not stepping stones meant to provide help and relief until they can better their lives by working hard and taking adavantage of the American system that works very well for others, regardless of skin color or ethnic background. Instead, they view these helps as the foundation upon which they can live their lives. Always in need, dependant, victims, etc..

Black history month is an insult to the many people groups who never get honored and don't need honoring to achieve. I've had it with calling up Kroger's pharmacy and having to listen to some poor pitiful racist story about some black who merely worked hard for what they got. Others do this all day long and there's no pat on the back, much less a month dedicated to their group's achievements.

Proof blacks have arrived is that the most stupid, unqualified, unprepared, inexperienced presidential candidate in history was elected President all because of his skin color.
And he's well on the way to destroying the American way of life that gave him the very opportunity in the first place and will without a doubt go down as the worst President, the worst Black President in history.

It has truly been black history year. Enough is enough. Start your own country if you still aren't happy!


  • At February 23, 2009 at 12:52:00 PM PST, Blogger Maya said…

    WOW! that's way more than I needed to read today.

    Some people will always be oblivious to the struggles of other because they fail to open their minds to see that everything is not as simple as it has been laid out for them. Sad thing is, those people who view the world that way will die thinking that way, and unfortunately teach some young impressionable child their foolish way of thinging creating a vicious cycle of hate and unrealistic views.


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