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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Though I am an intelligent woman in her right mind with great character, morals and impeccable taste, I am not ashamed to admit that I like/love the following:

1. Throw Some D's On That... by Rich Boy (2nd verse is my favorite!)
2. Last Night by Diddy ft. Keysha Cole (Who the heezie told Diddy to sing? AGAIN???)
3. Hotline by Pretty Ricky (Minus the raps, of course. Pretty Ricky Ricky Rick-yyyyy! They are too young to be that nasty!)
4. Mario (He's young, but he is fine as H. E. Double Hockey sticks!)
5. All of R. Kelly's latest remixes. (Even the Promise rmx grew on me.)
6. F* U, Pay Me by some dudeS probably from Atl and Young Joc
7. Omarion lately (Icebox is my ish!) Check out the remix with Usher here.

I'm sure I'm the list could be longer, I just can't think of anything else right now. Everytime these songs come on, I'm saying to myself, "Oh yeah, this is my ish right here!"


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