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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend Recap:Black Love Is So Beautiful

What's up, people!

Why am I still tired from this weekend? This weekend was so much fun. One of my sweetest linesisters who I just love jumped the broom in Baton Rouge. So you know what that meant: REUNION! Since it was 84 of us, getting about 35 of us together for something other than Homecoming can be a chore, but not this time. It was so good to be back in the Big Raggedy (as crazy as that sounds) and see my people. We really are like a family. Here's how it went down:

Friday night, we went to party at this nice lil (emphasis on lil) spot where the bridal party was. I felt like I was in undergrad again. I saw familiar faces and some I didn't care to see, but that's life. I realized that night that though you want things to stay the same, they have to change--atleast a little. I am one who likes the chase, but damn you have to give in sometimes, or they will look elsewhere. All is well that ends well. And everything happens for a reason.

Then we went to the Waffle House by my old apartment and clowned, of course. Texas steak melt and hashbrowns. Ahhh, just like old times. We don't have too many Waffle Houses in the M, unfortunately.

Saturday, we went to the mall and purchases some cute shirts and jewelry. But before that, we went to Chimes, a local favorite. I had Cajun catfish, covered with crawfish etoufee, with a Caesar salad and sweet tea. Umm Ummm good! Ya'll know I stay hungry!

The Wedding: It was beautiful. I cried through the whole thing. When we turned and saw my LS crying, that was a wrap. I have never seen two people more right for each other. Their love is real. Their families actually like--not put up--with each other. And they are both spiritually grounded in God. As my LS, B says, "they equally-yoked." The ceremony and reception were beautiful. Awwwwwwww.

For most single women, weddings are a time of happiness and then maybe depression or jealousy. That wasn't the case for me this time. I was hopeful and just so happy for them and their families. It was a weird feeling though, let me tell you. The best part about the reception for me was seeing her dance with her Daddy. I have no idea why I was touched by that. I'm getting waaayyyy too emotional these days. I need to get that checked. It was good seeing everyone and catching up. I also found out a few of LS read my blog regularly. If you are reading now, "Hey Poohs!". I also realized that I call everybody Pooh. I think it's cute.

Her Sweetheart Song circle was huge. I'm not as old as I thought, I was able to do two trains and go into the Cupid Shuffle immediately. Ah, that takes skill, mane.

Anyway, later we went out for drinks and one, who shall remain nameless, had one too many. Actually, I only had one, but it put me down. Thirty minutes later, I was doing the Cupid Shuffle while eating quesadillas in a empty sports bar by my damn self. Hot mess! (Note: I think I did the Cupid Shuffle, like 10 times in 1.5 days.)

Sunday, we capped off the weekend with brunch at my LS's new home. We cut up like we always do. Nobody can quote movies like us! (inside joke). After that, God blessed us with a safe trip home. And three days later, I still thinking about that French toast!

I really needed that weekend. Life is good.


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