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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Straight From the Horses Mouth (or something like that)- SUEDE MAGAZINE MAY BE COMING BACK!!!

It's all love in magazineland (or atleast it should be). Sisters help sisters. Thanks Dede Sutton (creative director of Clutch Magazine)! I'm too excited!!

Via Forwarded Email:

Suede Devotees:

So... I have heard through a very reputable grapevine, that our beloved suede is possibly set to take the stage for a comeback.... i know, i know... be still your diamond studded hearts.... it will not come without some assistance from the unrequited (that's us) ...

Please send your love letter for love lost to Veronica Wilson, Nat'l Advertising Director at Essence. She has regular meetings with the top brass regarding the pub, and by her estimation they seem open to bringing the glossy glam guide back --- but it will not be without an out pour of visible support from savvy fashion conscious sincere ad pro's like - - you guessed it, YOU! Even if you work for another book - DON'T BE A HATER- We'll make room on media budgets for all great titles!Tell your friends to put it on their blogs, and forward the link to me so that I can share it with Veronica as well. She shares all of the support with Time Inc, so that they know just how badly consumers and media folks alike want to see this book back on the shelves...

Send your email to Denitria Lewis at Dnlewis@gmail.com. Please title your email "WHEN IS SUEDE COMING BACK??!" She is patiently waiting... It's up to us. Let's make media history. They've (the man) done it for TV Shows (not black ones though... that's another issue) we can do it for OUR magazine...

Alright ladies, let's get to it!


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