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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Breakdown

I trust that you are enjoying Camp Lo, just as I am. This weekend was okay. Daddy came home Friday and he's improving everyday. He was so glad to be home. Walking into the living room at their house and seeing him and Mama sitting in their usual spots having (short) conversations really made smile.

Yep, I went to the PJ Morton show. I say his name only because Johnta Austin didn't show up. Most people came to see PJ anyway. He is awesome live! It's a shame that it was only a handful of people there, but those were true fans. If I were an artist I'd rather have genuine, act-a-fool-when-their-song-comes-on fans any day. He is a Fly Nerd, indeed. I met him and he autographed his CD, Emotions (get it!). No, I didn't interview him. Instead, I'll do a review of his performance.

If you missed the special on The Bible Experience, you really missed something. I'd seen two other docs on it, but this one is the best. I was blessed just by watching. Seeing people (stars or not) be consumed by the power of God is amazing. And ya'll know I'm sensitive. Check it out. I'm purchasing this for Christmas.

Pt. II
I haven't blogged about it, but He, That One, is back. Yes, I've been talking to him regularly and I still don't know what I hope will come of it. Probably nothing, but for now, I'm glad that I can talk to him without that tense feeling and thinking about whether or not this is the last time I'll talk to him. We're cool. I'm no longer wishing that we could be together some way, somehow. I'm good on the current state of the situation. It is what it is.

The scary thing is this: If I should one day (finally) say this ish for the birds FOREAL FOREAL. When I can't deal with him anymore or I lost that feeling I have for him--who is it that can top him? For the longest he's been "it" for me. EAnd he's not even what I would consider my "prototype." Everyone else has been so-so in comparison. I know that there is someone out there who will "float my boat" wayyy better than he. Make yourself seen, dude. Quick!


It's foggy like Gotham City here today and it's raining that misty rain. So I head on down to the subshop in my building. Before I went, I was thinking that I'm just in this funk about the way I look. Do you ever feel that way? Not my looks overall, but just today. My hair is done, but I don't like it. I liked it yesterday. I really just threw something on to wear. Nothing special. Today, I look like a Monday.

Sooooo....imagine how delighted (and shame) I was to see this guy who works in construction by my parking garage. Last week on the way home, I walked past him and even under thee cap, jacket/vest, I could see that he was pretty hot. So, this country girl spoke, of course. He did, too and turned around to watch me walk away. It was odd that I never see any cute construction guys around.

As I was paying for my food, he came around to the register. I sat at a booth to wait for my food and he walked up and asked could he and his coworker sit with me because there wasn't anywhere else to sit. He sat there and ate with me and we talked about whatever. He says, "All I want to do is sit down and eat my food with an attractive lady like yourself. May I?"

No, we didn't exchange numbers. I do know that he has degrees in English and Management and he's never had a job in his field. He likes what he does and he wants to write a book. I'll probably see him again, because the downtown area is a new contract. All of that said, he told me my name before I could get it out.

It's nice to get compliments and eat lunch with a handsome, WORKING man. Especially on day that you feel so sh*tty.


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