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Friday, February 01, 2008


So, this is what a writer goes through, I guess. Then again, maybe not. I HAD a deadline for a story at noon today. As of 1:50 p.m., two phone calls, two messages and an email later, I have not spoken to my contact for this story. It's driving me. But it's okay.

It's Friday and I'm going to the beauty shop today to "get my hair did." I hate that, by the way!

Back when going out was my specialty, I knew a lot about makeup. I've never been the type to spend my entire check on MAC, but I atleast knew how to apply it, what looks good on me, etc. Now, you'd think since I frequent all of these blogs and magazines, I'd been obsessed with makeup. Not so. For some reason, spending my money on makeup is pointless to me. Besides a GOOD, never-fails lipgloss, that is. (I just bought mint and hot chocolate glosses from VS and I love them!)I'd rather save it or spend it on clothes. You say tomato, I say tomAto. Whatever.

However, on my daily trip to the Walgreens right behind my job, I had a new way of thinking. I wanted to buy every kind of makeup I saw! Because I'm still on a budget, I opted for a bronzer, my trusty Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cream (I know it's not makeup) and some black nail polish. I've been wondering if it will look as hot and "retro" on me as it does on everybody else.

Speaking of blogs and mags, check out the February issue of Clutch. I contributed a piece about alternatives to being single on Valentine's Day. Unless my dream man drops down from the sky by the 14th, I'll pretty much be single. I'll be honest and say of the things I suggested in the story, I probably won't do any of them except one. Why, you ask? Because I hae to work that night AND I'll be packing and resting for my trip to NBA ALL-STAR in NEW ORLEANS. Okay, I'm a little too excited, right?

I'm going to hang out---I could care less about basketball or the celebrities. I would love to the see the dunk contest though. I'm going for the streets (Bourbon & Canal), the food, the daiquiries (Mango Mango) and my friends! I SO need this mini-vaction. It's been a non-eventful, semi-stressful latter '07 and '08. I work hard, so I need to play, too!

Because I missed Bayou Classic and will miss Mardi Gras (don't really want to go), this is the perfect time for me. I have been craving crawfish fettucine and cream cheese King Cake! Don't know what King Cake is? Shame on you! This weekend, I plan to hang out a little and my LS's and I are going to have our own little Mardi Gras celebration.

Have fun, live life and be safe this weekend!



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