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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammy's

What up?

I have a lot to say, but of course, I'll break it up into several posts. Since it's Monday morning (already), I'll go light. Um, the Grammy's? Pretty good, don't you think. You had the very crackish Amy Winehouse looking a FOOL, as usual. Must we hit the pipe right before going on stage? Those legs look like toothpicks waiting to break.

Usher....yeah, your new song is hot, but that look on the Grammy's...No sir. Don't ever just put a printed shirt on (untucked) and throw a tight-ass tuxedo jacket on over it. You could do so much better. I hope that look doesn't catch on.

I missed Prince and Rihanna, but I heard they had the same hairstyle. And how tall is Rihanna? She's towering over other celebs on the gossip site pics.

Tina and Bey. Tina can still work it out I see. Bey is turning into Mama Tina everyday. Wow.

The "rap it up" symphony music during Kanye's speech was hilarious to me, even though it shouldn't have been. I don't blame them. You never know what's gonna come out of his mouth. Wonderful tribute to Mama. BUT he looked a FOOL, as well. Sorry Ye', I can't give you a fashion plate pass on this one. The glow-in-the-dark blinder shades? Killin' me foreal.

And I really wanted him to win Album of the Year. I didn't even know Herbie Hancock still made music. I need to get my game up. And the Herbster had no apologies for winning either.

For more laughs on pure tomfoolery, please check out YBF for pics. And Crunk and Disorderly, too.

Last, but not least. For you who don't know, Mary J. and Jay-Z are touring together starting next month in the "Heart of the City" Tour. I'm TOO excited!! Wherever it is, I'm so there.

Happy Monday!


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