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Thursday, February 07, 2008


So...a lot has gone on in just a few days. First off, a tornado hit the M. I had no damage, no bad news. Myself and my famiy are A-Ok. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for others. Praying for them.

I'm about to melt down because of all of these classes, church involvement (a whole 'nother story!) and writing. Right now, I'm sitting on two assignments. Both are due tomorrow. But atleast, I have tomorrow off.

The tornado touched down Super Tuesday night. Instead of sitting in the hallway, I was in the back bedroom, with CNN on lock. Barack has so much momentum right now. It's so damn exciting!! Hillary has given 5 million of her own money, when Obama has raised 7.3 million after Super Tuesday. What is happening in this country right now is almost unbelievable. People really DO want change. Oh, and damn TN for not voting majority for him. But atleast my county did!

I have never been interested in politics, though I've always voted. There is really a movement going on. I've been up on Barack since he made his speech at the Congressional Rally. He is something else. Let's not forget about Michelle! I am so hopeful for them. Can you imagine what kind of impact seeing your own in the White House will do for our families? Not just our families, but everyone.

I won't bore you with the Yes We Can video. I think everyone has received that forward. Instead, there's a video of Mrs. Obama that I love.

Be Not Afraid


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