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Friday, May 02, 2008

Just Got Paid! Random Ish

Just Got Paid, Friday night.....! You remember that song, right? I do. Back in the cut (circa late 80s), I used to ride to school with my next door neighbor and his older brother, Mervyn. He had the whoo-ride also known as some defunct Toyota that hasn't been made probably since then. Equipped with the obligatory Jherri Curl and lonely side-gold tooth, Mervyn used to bump. For a small Toyota with three kids in the back seat, it had major knock in the trunk. And guess what was playing?? Just Got Paid! Or My Possee's on Broadway, etc.

So that's how I feel today. I just got paid thanks to the National Treasury. The economic stimulus payment nor the projected payment schedule are a joke. I gots my money right on time! I refuse to have Bush gank me and spend it all in one place for the sake of the economy. We spend enough money--that's the problem. Gas is THE fool, so I'm saving mine. Take that, take that!

I'm thinking about peacing out on Blogger. It's been fun, but sometimes you gotta switch it up. Wordpress is calling my name.

I still like blogging even thought I don't do it as much. I've been reading some new blogs and I've been inspired all over again. Just like I was in 2006. I was just thinking that I don't tell stories or write real stories anymore. I must get to that.

I have a story was supposedly due this week....it's not done. How about not even started? Shame on me!

How can you date a person if that's not what you consider it to be? You're not really dating then, right? Hmm..still trying to figure that one out...

And lastly....I want to go out dammit!! It's May... Memphis in May (that's a real event, btw)!


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