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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speaking of Love Day

I'm officially off of my soapbox (for now) about Black History Month. Let's focus on Love Day. This is not a male-bashing post. Nor is it a self-empowerment, independent woman post either. This year, I have no choice but to face Valentine's Day head-on. Last year, I was at All-Star about to be knocked off my game again on the 14th. I was more concerned with the weather and what I was going to wear to go out than I was Valentine's Day. This year, however, I'm here. On Saturday, I'll be working, practicing for a Black History production and maybe even doing some social work on the side. I am single and so far, no one's hinted at a date.

Nevertheless, I'm so good. I've planned to get a pedicure. Not because that's my way of pampering myself because I don't have a man to do it. Simply put, my feet are a fool. Straight flour-kicking all day, ya heard me? I'm sticking with that plan. Maybe grab a bottle of wine. I honestly don't have anything planned and despite guys' terrible attempts to inquire my plans with other guys, I'm going on as I would any other Saturday.

BUT, if someone wanted to show me their love or care, I would suggest the following:

A deep-dish pepperoni piza from Gino's East in Chicago (it has to be ordered and shipped)
A dulce de leche cheesecake with pralines from Cheesecake Bistro in New Orleans
A GREAT chilled bottle of Riesling
A concert featuring chill artists
A massage (at Massage Envy)

Funny how most of those have to do with food. Hey, the way to my heart is through my stomach. I hope that anyone reading this has a WONDERFUL holiday. If you're still out of ideas to try, whether you're single or booed up, use these tips...written by me!



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