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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ladies Night Around the World

Today is Thursday, known as Ladies Night around the world. I got that from a friend/linesister. Ladies Night also means that the following day is Friday. I have a busy weekend. Committed myself to too many things, as usual. I pushed the housewarming back. I need to relax. And I need TIME. I'm clearly obsessed over decorating this house. I was just thinking how I might have OCD. Seriously. Everything I do major, it becomes obsessive. I can only imagine what will happen when I get married and have a child. It's crazy.

Anyway. I'm blogging from work, as usual. Listening to Teedra. I'm talking about Teedra Moses, but I kinda feel like I know her like that, ya know. So we're on a first-name basis (Insert chuckle here). I follow her on Twitter @Teedramoses. Last night, I decided to ask her if she remembered being interviewed for Clutch. It was me who did the interview.

She tweeted back: @Alisha8151 Of course, I remember u, girl. Awww!!!

I believer her, too. When I interviewed her by phone, we talked forever. She's just a real cool chick. Classy.

So today, I'm sitting here, wishing I were sitting somewhere with a glass of Moscatto, vibing to Teedra because this song right here is it:

Or this one

Sigh. Happy Thursday!


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