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Monday, June 08, 2009


I just realized that everytime I decide to blog, I procrastinate because it seems like it takes so much out of me to write about what's going on. Therefore, I have decided to write super-short blogs about...whatever comes to mind. For example, right now I'm wondering why I came in to work today (other than being thankful that I have a job). I could so be chillaxin in my bed right now. Or how about I just left the country for my aunt's funeral yesterday. It was kinda sad, as it was unexpected, but I had fun being around family--no matter how awkward it was (Too much background to be shared).

My hair looks a mess (I blame Louisiana!). I look like I came straight outta the 60s. Eww. Saw the Unsung special on Minnie Riperton last night. It was pretty sad. I downloaded a few songs. I think Teedra Moses should portray her in a move or something. Check this one out: Le Fleur

Les Fleurs - Minnie Riperton


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