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Thursday, September 03, 2009

So Happy God Doesn't Think Like Us and Other Random Stuff

This may come as a complete shock, but I just comtemplated what I call "disconnect and reconnect." As of right, social media and the internet as a whole is WAYYYY too much for me. Case and point:

1. Chris Brown (and his bowtie): Thank heavens I missed C. Breezy's interview on Larry King Live. I didn't know it was coming on anyway because I felt like he deserved another chance. He's clearly a kid in a (almost) grown man's body. Why did I go to bed and wake up to Twitterland ripping this boy to shreds?

Apparently, he's not that articulate and his PR team needs to be fired asap. We already knew this. The interview on Larry King, of all places sent the issue, which was almost dead, to another level. No one was really caring. Too much Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy and healthcare reform stuff going on.

Terrible, awful mistake to go hard on Rihanna. Even bigger mistake to kick up dust about it almost five months later. What I don't understand is how you have grown ass people nitpicking at this young man. Get over it. Yes, I saw the bowtie and I will say that if he was gonna rock it, powder blue should have never been a color option. But we always knew CB needed a stylist, right? So, as of right now, #ChrisBrownsbowtie is #2 trending topic on Twitter. I'm all for laughs, but I need not for 75 percent of the people on my list to have nonstop commentary about him and his faults.

I know what you're thinking: Well, damn, just don't get on the Internet. DUH! (Hence my idea to disconnect.) Also, this is not so much about CB as it is the lack of sensitivity towards people. Let the boy serve his time or hard labor, get extensive counseling and grow up. Hopefully, that will solve it.

2. Maia Campbell: I refuse to post the video because I know you have seen it by now. Evidently, she's bipolar and her deceased mother, BeBe Moore Campbell's last novel, 72 Hour Hold was based on her. She's been out there for a minute now, but this video shows us what's going on. She needs help badly. Where are her family members? Father? Aunts or cousins? After this was posted, Twitter, FB and the blogs blew up about it, some even calling her a "crack whore" and "slut." It's not funny. She needs immediate help, but all we--Black folk---know how to do is hate and kick people when they're down. I hope this video will do just as much good as bad. Hopefully, she can be found and given what she needs to go on.

3. Whitney Houston: Yes, I missed the performance and I simply didn't want to see the clips of it. She looks fabulous and I like her new single. The burning question from people who didn't see it was, "How did she sound?" I read mixed reviews, but more negative comments than anything. Supposedly, she sounded terrible and is not the "old Whitney." Guess what? You're right! I'm a firm believer that God can preserve his gifts, but after 10+ years of crack and whatever else, I doubt she's blowing like she was in '93. Give her a damn break! It took enough guts to come back in the first place. I say kudos to Whitney!

I'm starting to believe that hate makes the world go 'round, instead of love. Atleast, according to the Internet.


  • At September 3, 2009 at 1:39:00 PM PDT, Blogger Monk said…

    I feel you on this. Too many folks spew hatred on the innanets with very little positivity to offer. I gets my laugh on in a major way, but the shyt that people say when they have the comfort of hiding behind their keyboard isn't even funny at times

  • At September 4, 2009 at 6:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger Mrs. Jones said…

    Poor Maia Campbell. She's so beautiful. I had no idea that BeBe Moore Campbell was her Mother. I always thought that She was Naomi's cousin...LOL!!! Anyway, I hope she can get things together. I love Whitney. She's going to come back strong.

  • At September 9, 2009 at 12:28:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Go said…

    Yeah they were on CB going hard. I did not see the interview nor did I care to see it. America shoots us bullshyt and try to make it news. I can't even say I really care about the Rih-Rih and CB incident. They are kids man! I often get a side-eye and a question like "did you see her face?" Yes I did and I still don't care...ugh!

    Didn't see Whitney either. I guess by now you can see the fam still hasn't hooked up the cable! And yes the world we live in is corrupt which probably explains why I just don't give a damn about "their NEWS" anymore!




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