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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting Over the Hump

It's Hump Day. Also known as Wednesday. The day that you say, "if I can make it past this day, I'll be alright." Don't laugh because I thought as a preteen that Hump Day was the day to have sex. Not the only day, just a CERTIFIED one.

My boss is gone and I'm wondering just how in the hell does he get to say, "I'm gone" and throw up the deuces just like that. Let my ass try that. I won't make it two tile blocks down the hallway. Anyway, today has been a day of nothingness, yet accomplishment. I finished the primary stages of a project aka the Neverending Quarterly Newsletter, when I didn't think I could make the deadline. Kudos to me. My eyes feel like they need to be pulled out and put on ice to chill. I want to close them so bad and this time it's not because I'm sleepy as hell. Imagine that.

My linesister and I were talking on IM (another productivity-decreasing hobby of mine)today about how fly Mary J. Blige is. She always has been in my book. I wanted to be her on that Real Love video. I even bought a jersey and black baseball cap! At the tender age of 12 I was singing about Sweet Thing and Love No Limit. That was my jam! All of Mary's music, for that matter. Remember this???

Mary J. Blige feat. Lil' Kim-I Can Love You

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Uh huh, I heard you rappin' Lil Kim's part...all that to say, I searched for her stylist and came up with ole' Misa Hylton Brim, you know Diddy's first Baby Mama, Justin's Mama. She's only 29!! What the heezie??? That means she was like 18,19 when she was partying it up in the hot tub with Puffy on the "Big Poppa" video. Damn, she was living the life. And still banking $5,500 a month for young Jus even today. And just when you think she hit the jackpot, Kim Porter gets ready to push out two more Combs chil'ren. No wedding ring in sight or in mind. I guess she says who needs marriage when I got child support.

That was mean, huh?

Pet Peeves: Conversation Butt-Inners

Damn, damn, damn, that gets on my nerves!!! If Person A asks Person B a question, why does Person Z have to come all the way from Southside Argentina to answer the question--before Person B even has a chance to take a breath, much less answer it??

I'm just sayin'

I gotta run errands after work, which is not hot because at 5 p.m. it looks like 11 p.m. That means my ass needs to be in the house. Sure is taking a long time for 5 to come. It's only 4:35. That's a loooooong time when you're ready to go. I probably shouldn't be writing this. I see how bloggers have lost their jobs. Freak it, this is the only thing that will keep me from growing wings and flying out of here before quitting time.


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