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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Push It to the Limit

Here's something you may not know. I'm looking a job. Like foreal....foreal foreal as my co-worker says. I probably should have written this blog before the previous one, but that's just evidence of how my mind works backwards.

Anyway, I need a job, man. It's not like I don't have one. I'm so thankful for it, though I might not act like it. But it's time to move and have things and that requires money. Money that I don't have right now. I purchased a car recently. (Give it up for ya girl, no co-signers or nothing!) With that note, I'm guaranteed to be stuck with the parents until my car is paid for or until I get a better-paying job. Or whichever comes first.

I'm not looking for another gig to escape the parental unit. They're okay. But it's time to be on my own again. There are things that I do that I want to continue to do, things that I would like to do and dammit I deserve to live comfortably. It can and will be done!

So I'm on the grind. I'm on Careerbuilder and Monster so much, I should invest in stock! I'm applying to atleast 3-5 jobs a day. I wonder what happens when you apply for jobs on the Internet. Do the emails get stuck in Cyberspace and never make to the human resources director? I think that's what happens to mine, cuz I'm getting no response. It's all good though. Good things come to those who wait. Well, that's what they say. I'll keep trying. I have no choice.

I'll let cha know how things pan out.


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