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Monday, November 27, 2006

Let Me Upgrade Ya!

I just got an upgrade on my blogs! It's supposed to be Beta Blogger now. So now I have a new look. You like??? Speaking of upgrades--there are some things I need to know. Beyonce talks about getting with this guy and "upgrading" him. Changing the clothes, even the swagger a bit, to fit her standards. Yeah, it's done everyday, but you know I got a problem with that, with my spoiled ass!

Why do we have to have guys that need upgrading and vice versa? Yeah, men upgrade women too! Why can't our love-to-be's come pre-made and ready-to-order? Nobody's perfect, BUT don't you ever see those shows like The Wedding Story and Bridezilla (Don't act like I'm the only pansy watching these shows) and they say, "I found the man/woman of my dreams. I couldn't ask for anything more." Is that true or is that made for TV? Was it really some upgrading going on behind the scenes?

My question is this: Is there any one couple who didn't have to upgrade their mates? After thinking long and hard. Well, not that long. I think the answer is HELL NO. Who said upgrades were only physical or appearance related? Aside from hooking your man up with hot, grown and sexy clothing and introducing him to a barber who actually knows to how do a line, he may need an attitude upgrade. A confidence upgrade. A spiritual upgrade. Everyone could stand a little improvement, I don't care who you are.

I guess you can't get around it. One way or another, you're either upgrader or the upgradee. lol Our time is coming...


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