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Monday, November 27, 2006

It Never Fails

I had to do a quick write-up. Today's my best friend's birthday, so a couple of friends and I took her out to a new spot/event happening in the city on Monday nights. Very nice. For the grown and sexy. Conversation and Cocktails is what it's a called. A place to mingle and engage in conversation with others (preferably of the opposite sex) and get your grown man/woman on, basically.

After perusing the wine and quiche menu over candlelight, a friend leans in and inquires why we're sitting between a two tables full of women, rather than having "conversation" with the several eligible men in the venue. Go figure, right? Leave it up to us to stick with each other, instead of venturing out and seeing what's up with the what's up! And this my friends, is how things never get accomplished.

Time after time, women, me and my friends included, get dressed up, go out, sip wine and yet stay with our "packs" the entire night. Not a soul approaches us and we won't dare make the first move either. Maybe one woman out of the clique is approached (you know it's a different woman every outing), but it's never anything major. In the end, you either remain sitting at the table you sat at when you first arrived hours ago, you hug the bar or dance in a semi circle with your girlfriends like it's an 8th grade dance. How sad, how true.

There's always one who says, to compensate for no action, that she's just out to have fun and not worried about a man approaching her. That's bullshit! Take it from one who knows. Even if the man is the lowest of the low and we reject him onsite, we'll take it. Every woman wants to have some attention. But it ain't happening these days. I went out of town this weekend and a guy bought me drinks and I thought he was speaking Chinese. And you know I took him up on that offer. Since I moved home, these things that I'd become accustomed to just don't happen....shit, EVER.

Anyway, I hope things get better. It's a two-way street. When we learn to get up from "the table," maybe they'll meet us at the bar, or atleast on the dancefloor.


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