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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finding My Purpose

On this journey of finding a job and what I really want to do, there is one thing that needs to be done. I need to find my purpose in life. I was talking to a entreprenuer at work the other day who owns a dance ministry company for children and teens. I was absolutely amazed by the program and how it has changed the lives of children in a positive way, all the while, ministering the Word of God to the public.

I wasn't sure if our conversation was appropriate for the work setting, but that's one of the places we need God the most. Regarding the Black church (yes, he was a Black man), he said that the church is to us now what it was hundreds of years ago. A place of refuge from the slavemasters and a place to praise God in our own way. That is tier one of Christianity. Giving God his props, if you wil in everything that you do and in all areas of your life. Worship sums it up. He said where we fall short is not practicing outreach. Giving back to those in need what God has graciously given us. By keeping those talents and blessings to ourselves, we are only fulfilling only half of our deal as Christians.

So I thought it was ironic because I had volunteered to stuff holiday baskets for the less fortunate families at church. That was my first step in helping. I can admit that it's a shame that I work at a non-profit organization where I see the extreme need for so many basic things that I take for granted everyday. Instead of helping and grasping the mission of my job, I jet out of here at 5 p.m. exactly.

My goal is to really give back to others. That conversation sparked something in me. It was more of a wake-up call. Yeah, I do things at my church with the youth and I get a great sense of fulfillment from that. I still need to do more. On the days when I'm sitting around watching TV, on Myspace or sauntering through the malls, I could be doing something else positive.

So with that in mind, I'm searching to find a purpose in my life. And I know it's not guaranteed that I'll find it right now. It takes time. I just have to keep looking.


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