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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

That Was SO Uncalled For!

It's been a while, but I'm back. A lot has been going on, but one thing in particular is crossing the airwaves lately. Michael Richards aka Kramer from Seinfeld went off, spatting "racial slurs" at Black men during a stand-up routine the Laugh Factory in California.

Saying that "fifty years ago, you'd be hanging upside down with a fork up your ass," is hardly a racial slur. It's utter, blatant disrespect and disregard for me and my people. A day later he's on the Letterman Show "apologizing" and saying he's not a racist. Excuse my French, but that's BULLSHIT if I ever heard some! There's no need to apologize for what you really feel. Apologies are for mistakes. This was not one. He MEANT that. What's in the dark will come to light eventually and the spotlight was on full blast at the Laugh Factory that night.

Supposedly his career is ruined, but I'm sure he'll have some followers still. Those who are happy to know that he feels the same way they do. There were some who left the show and others who remained glued to their seats. Was it to see how far things were going to escalate or was it pure entertainment for them?

Such a shame that no more than a week, actually the same week of the groundbreaking for Dr. Martin Luther King's memorial on Washington, this could happen. Things do, indeed, change, but somehow they stay the same. Anyway, good riddins' to Kramer. I didn't watch Seinfeld anyway!


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