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Friday, November 03, 2006

Grow Up!..........Make Me!

Today is Friday and the weekend awaits. Believe it or not, I'm kind of sad. Melancholy maybe. Sometimes life has a way of happening for you, meaning the things that you try to prolong will happen anyway.

I was just informed by the homies at Firestone that my car's engine has "It's a Wrap" posted all over it. My car, a 1994 Toyota Corolla, affectionately called Sadie's days are numbered on the road. I knew I had to buy a new car soon, but I just wasn't ready. I'm just now catching on to this savings thing people are always talking about, so...Instead of waiting until whenever, because who knows how long I would put off the purchase, I'm now forced to make it, enough money or not. Quick, yet good decisions have to be made. I figure this is a way of making me grow and get out there and just do, rather than just think about it.

I'm quite sad that I will no longer ride in Sadie in a few days or weeks. She was with me on the drives back and forth to school, late night visits to the club. You know, memories. I didn't think I could be attached to a car, but I guess I was fooled.

So the next few days, I'll be car shopping. Atleast I know what I want. Nothing too flashy, yet stylish. Something fit for a DIVA.

Sweet Sadie, don't you know we love you Sweet Sadie! Well, well, well!



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